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Volvo Performance and Economy Tuning


Remap your Volvo


As long-standing dealers for Rica Engineering, Europe's leading software upgrades specialist, we can remap most Volvo's while you wait

Prices from £360 inc Vat, please contact us for a price 

Please see Rica's web site for full info   https://www.rica.nl/index.php?lang=en&lang2=en   and price's or email us your VIN number, and will check for you


Benefits of a Remap

  Enhanced Performance
RICA optimised software delivers significant improvements in power and torque over a very wide range resulting in faster acceleration in all gears.

  Improved Fuel Economy
Most RICA software upgrades will improve the fuel economy on average by 5-10%. This fuel saving can significantly reduce your running costs.

  Improved Safety
Enhanced engine performance allows for safer overtaking as the manoeuvre can be completed faster. With automatic transmissions, the delay from standstill is reduced, therefore pulling out from junctions and onto roundabouts is much safer.

  Improved Driveability
A sharper throttle makes the car more responsive and the increased torque results in a much more flexible engine allowing for a much more relaxed driving style.

  Improved Towing Capability
Towing is made much easier through the increase in torque. The result is faster acceleration to cruising speed and the ability to maintain constant speed uphill without changing gears.

All RICA software upgrades are fully compliant with strict European emissions legislation. The RICA E-Power upgrades go a step further and actually reduce CO2 emissions even more!

  Driving Pleasure
RICA software rewards you with maximum enjoyment from your car through enhanced performance and driveability, improved safety and reduced running costs.


Why we chose to be a dealer for Rica,  above all the other tuning companies



  Quality Software Developed In-House

All RICA software is developed in-house using state of the art ECM software engineering tools and rolling road technology combined with over 20 years of expertise in the field of automotive software engineering. This means that RICA has all the technical knowledge required to develop software of the highest quality to ensure maximum customer satisfaction in terms of optimised vehicle performance and driving pleasure.
  Dealership Service Compliant

All RICA ECM software upgrades are designed to be 100% dealership service compliant. Your RICA enhanced vehicle can therefore be serviced at any dealership as normal and any factory updates can be installed by the dealer as and when required. Should the RICA software be overwritten by any factory updates, the RICA software will be re-installed and any factory updates will be included in this RICA update.
  Emissions Compliant with Improved Fuel Economy

All RICA ECM upgrades are designed to maintain the same vehicle emissions specifications as set by the factory in compliance with current emissions legislation. But for some cars RICA goes even further to actively reduce CO2 emissions. Coupled with improvements in fuel economy, RICA are currently the only aftermarket company offering such unique upgrades to provide customers with more eco-friendly motoring.
  Engineered for Maximum Reliability

All RICA ECM upgrades have been engineered with great skill to ensure that your vehicle's reliability is not compromised, providing of course that the vehicle is maintained correctly in accordance with the manufacturer's servicing requirements. All improvements in performance are achieved well within the maximum stress tolerances of the engine and transmission components.
  Customer Support and Backup

All RICA ECM upgrades come with free technical support and backup via an established network of approved RICA agents comprising franchised dealers, independent service specialists and automotive diagnostics centres. All RICA agents receive backup and support from the RICA distributor and from RICA direct to ensure that all customers receive the very best in technical support and diagnostics expertise
  TUV Approved

RICA software is TUV approved. Although technically this is only a requirement for Germany, it is an established mark of quality and safety which is recognised throughout Europe. RICA software has always been developed so as not to adversely affect the vehicle's safety in any way, and the TUV approval for RICA software certifies this.
  ISO 9001 Certified

ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised standard for the quality management of businesses. It applies to the processes that create and control the products and services that RICA Engineering supplies. It prescribes systematic control of RICA ECU software development activities to ensure that the needs and expectations of customers are met.